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Version: 3.0.0 (current)

Make decision

POST /v3/session/:sessionId/decision

This endpoint is part of the Decisions flow.

Path Parameters
  • sessionId string required

    Format: UUID

    Example: c5674f4f-7e84-405c-a44b-c83736bb7209
Header Parameters
  • Content-Type string

    Possible values: [application/json]

  • Accept string

    Possible values: [application/json]

  • Authorization string

    Format: "Basic <base64(username:secret)>"

Request Body
  • decision string required

    Possible values: [allow, reject]

  • rejectionType string

    Possible values: [reject_session_with_error, notify_user]

    Required with { "decision": "reject" }.
    "reject_session_with_error" will close the session and display a message in the client in an overlay.
    "notify_user" will display a message in the client.

  • hardError object

    Required with { "rejectionType": "reject_session_with_error" }. Provide an error message that will be shown in an overlay in the client.

  • message string required

    Possible values: <= 256 characters

  • softErrors object[]

    Optional with { "rejectionType": "notify_user" }. Provide a list of error messages that will be shown to the user.

  • Array [
  • message string required
  • ]