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Version: 1.0.0

Capture an order

POST /order-management/v1/capture-order

Capture an order

Request Body

Capture order

  • sessionid string
  • amount integer

    The total amount of the capture including VAT

  • cart object[]

    The array of cart items to be captured

  • Array [
  • producttype ProductType

    Possible values: [physical, digital, discount, shipping_fee, sales_tax, deposit, surcharge]

    The type of items being sold. When using 'discount', the unitPrice should be negative.

  • reference ProductReference

    The SKU of the item

  • name string
  • quantity integer
  • quantityunit string
  • unitprice integer

    Unit price excluding VAT in minor units

  • taxrate TaxRate

    The applicable taxrate in minor units. Eg 25% = 2500

  • discount integer

    Discount value in percentages. 10% = 1000

  • ]

Successful Capture of order

  • captureid string