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Version: 1.0.0

Create a new signup session

POST /signup/v1/session

First step in the signup process is to generate a signup session. The response will provide you with a snippet that you should render in your frontend. Briqpay Signup Sequence

Request Body
  • country string required
  • locale string required
  • cin string

    Company identication number

  • merchanturls object required
  • terms string
  • signupwebhook string

    If you want to validate the signup from your backend. you should provide Briqpay with this url for us to notify you of a completed registration. This validation is also possible to complete using a frontend notification.

  • redirecturl string

    If you want the signup to automatically redirect after completion


successully created a signup session

  • createddate string

    Timestamp of when the registration started

  • locale string
  • country string
  • sessionid string
  • snippet string

    the snippet to be presented in your frontend

  • merchanturls object
  • terms string
  • signupwebhook string

    The url where Briqpay should post data for you to validate the registration

  • redirecturl string

    The page where Briqpay should redirect the customer after a successful registration

  • state string
  • merchantid string

    Your merchant ID in briqpays system

  • merchantname string

    Your merchant Name in briqpays system

  • validationFlow string