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Version: 1.0.0

Validation Result

POST /signup/v1/hooks/validated

A signup session must be validated by your system before Briqpay will complete the flow for the user. This is done by being notified by a backend call to the endpoint your provided in merchanturls.signupwebhook when creating the session. Below is how you should format the request if you are using the backend version of validation. Once a customer has pressed the button for complete registration in the iframe, Briqpay will post a notification to your servers as described above. In order to ensure a good UX Briqpay will suspend the iframe for 7 seconds. If your service does not post back a successful validation within that time, a fail message will be displayed to the user. Signup validation Before proceeding with the registration of the account, you should also ensure that the response from Briqpay is successful

Request Body
  • result boolean required

    true/false depending on the validation result

  • errors ValidateSignupResponseError[]

    Errors to display to the user as to why the registration failed

  • Array [
  • errorCode string required

    Possible values: [already_exists, invalid]

    Error code to explain the failed validation. Will be used to display information to the user

  • errorField string required

    Possible values: [firstName, lastName, phone, email]

    What field this error applies to

  • errorMessage string

    Additional error data - will not be displayed to the user

  • ]

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